"be made of" & "be made from"?

Is there a difference between "be made of" và "be made with" ?These cookies are made with (of) whole và local ingredients, including dates, nuts, seeds, apricots & natural sweeteners lượt thích honey và cinnamon.Apple

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David, ModeratorModerator
Excellent follow-up question, Apple. "Up" does indeed add a significant nuance of meaning. In fact, the verb phrase "be made up of" has a meaning entirely different from "be made of."As Rachel states in the 2004 discussion, ""Made of" means that the principal substance of a hàng hóa is a certain thing, or consists 100% or almost 100% of that thing or things.""Made up of," on the other hvà, is used not with reference to lớn the principal constitution of a substance, but with reference lớn the elements or parts (plural) of which a group, mix, or more abstract whole is composed. Parts trang điểm a whole; a whole is made up of its parts. There are useful entries concerning the phrase at LDOCE & sensagent. When "be made up of" is used, one can often substitute "be composed of," "be constituted of," "consist in," or "consist of."It would be unusual lớn find "be made up of" in a cooking context, though it did occur khổng lồ me that one might say, e.g., "The main course was made up of a variety of delicious dishes." Here are some examples of "be made up of" from The Thành Phố New York Times:"At its unveiling in November 2008, almost the entire Obama administration economic team could be said to be made up of followers of so-called Rubinomics, và many of them had served under Mr. Rubin" (source)."The teams will be made up of federal and tribal prosecutors, victims’ advocates, health care providers, law enforcement officials & others" (source). "South Africa, Australia & New Zealand will all be hosts of parts of a giant radio telescope, khổng lồ be made up of thousands of separate dishes, that scientists think will help them determine the makeup of the universe, the international consortium overseeing the project announced on Friday" (source)."The letter, so far as it pretends to be made up of facts, is but a tissue of the vilest assumptions, inferences, deductions, and downright lies" (source).

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Thank you, David. I"m getting it.So, I assume there are no such expressions as "be made up with" or "be made up from", or is there?Apple
David, ModeratorModerator
Hi, Apple —Yes, the expressions "be made up with" & "be made up from" do exist, though they are considerably less comtháng than "be made with," "be made from," "be made of," "be made out of," và "be made up of." Here are a couple of examples of "was made up with" from COCA:"The bed was made up with my favorite of several old quilts made by Granny & her spinster sisters, a pattern of silhouetted Dutch girls in bonnets và wooden shoes.""The bed was made up with a plain blue bedspread & four pillows."All four of COCA"s results for "was made up with" concern bedding. I trust that the sense of the phrase in the two examples above is fairly obvious. Instead of saying that a bed is "dressed with" sheets, pillows, etc., we can say that it is "made up with" those items. "Be made up with" is also sometimes used (informally) as a verb phrase related to lớn the noun "make-up":When the actress emerged from backstage, she was made up with dark eye-shadow & lipstichồng."Made up with" -- the same phrase, but without "be" -- is very commonly used in the context of human relationships. Basically, it is used to express reconciliation:We made up with each other shortly after our big fight.Incidentally, if one changed "made up with" to "made out with" in the above example, the sentence would have sầu an entirely different idiomatic meaning -- one that I shall not be explaining here!
"Be made up from" is rather uncomtháng, và strikes me as being a somewhat nonstandard variant of "be made up of." COCA shows three examples of "was made up from." Here"s one:"From the beginning, it was made up from a variety of different elements . . ."In the next example, it means something else:"I mean, khổng lồ get lớn the three million figure -- it was a huge stretch. It was made up from day one. This administration knows it."In that example, "It was made up from day one" means that the three-million figure had been fabricated from the very beginning.