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JSON website Tokens are strings of text which are passed on everyrequest khổng lồ verify the authorization of the server. They contain acombination of secrets from the API and payload data in the form of aJSON object. If you want khổng lồ learn more about JWTs, we recommend ourguide on Using JWT with as well as the full documentation

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Note: JWT may only be used for internal applications & processes.All apps created for third-party usage must use our OAuth ứng dụng type.

By creating a JWT phầm mềm on the, you can build a server-serverauthenticated tiện ích which allows users as well as other apps to consumeits services.

If you’re looking to build an app that allows individual users khổng lồ manager their accounts, you may want khổng lồ build an tiện ích using OAuth instead.

On This Page

Register Your App

To register your app, visit the & click on the Developoption in the dropdown on the top-right corner & select Build App. Apage with various phầm mềm types will be displayed. Select JWT as the apptype & click on Create.

App Information

After creating your app, your first step is to fill out descriptive andcontact information. Here you enter a short description along with yourcompany name. This is also where you can change the name you’ve justgiven lớn your app. Please chú ý that this unique ứng dụng name will bevisible, even if your phầm mềm is not submitted publicly.

Next add Developer Contact name và email, which may be used by Team or your users for any inquiries regarding yourapp.

On this page you can also include optional liên kết for your users toaccess your Privacy Policy or tư vấn pages.

This is also a good time to lớn upload an optional App Icon for yourapp. The icon should be a square image between 160px and 400px width andheight in GIF/JPG/JPEG/PNG format, & cannot be more than 1MB in size.


Generate tiện ích Credentials

In order lớn allow your tiện ích to integrate, the platform generates aset of quality credentials used khổng lồ generate the tokens needed toauthorize each request.


Clicking ‘View JWT Token’, you’ll see a chất lượng token generated for youby the containing the API Key and API Secretbased on the Expiration Time you select below. This token here isintended for temporary usage in development to demo how APIs willretrieve và send information lớn your account.

There are many methods you might use to lớn generate a JWT within your app,so we recommend referencing our JWT with otworzumysl.comguide along with one of the existing JWT.iodocumentation.

Once you’ve accessed your API Key and Secret và copied over any neededtokens, click Continue.

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Note: If you have previously created a JWT phầm mềm on the, your API Key/Secret will be shared between apps, & can beaccessed by logging into và clicking Manage.

Add phầm mềm Features

Event Subscriptions are optional features which allow apps lớn’s webhooks to return information when a certain sự kiện or action istriggered. In many cases, sự kiện Subscriptions can replace the need forrepeated API calls. For example, you might want to add a feature thatsends automated notifications to your ứng dụng every time a User hasactivated their tài khoản or every time a Recording has started.

To create an sự kiện Subscription, click the toggle on. Click + showroom newevent subscription. Choose an optional Subscription Name, and địa chỉ cửa hàng anEvent Notification Endpoint URL for both development và production.These URLs will receive POST requests containing data on thenotification for each subscribed event. Note: event NotificationEndpoint URLs must be secured over HTTPS.

Note: sự kiện Subscription names have no effect on the payload of therequest.

Add the event types for this sự kiện Subscription and click Save.

To showroom additional event Subscriptions, click + địa chỉ cửa hàng new eventsubscription again. Although you can subscribe lớn as many events asneeded for each sự kiện subscription, you can only have a maximum of tenevent subscriptions per app.

Event subscriptions can have duplicate Events. For example, one EventSubscription could have Meetings & User Events, and a second EventSubscription can have Meetings & Recordings events.


To utilize event Subscriptions, you will need khổng lồ provide a Destination URL lớn receive incoming events from could be a URL like "", which we explore in our Webhook guide.Note: This URL must be secured over HTTPS.

Once you enter your event types & Destination URL, you must clickSave. Once you are completed here, click ‘Continue’.


Having retrieved your app Credentials & set any sự kiện Subscriptions,your phầm mềm is all set to make requests khổng lồ any APIs. You may want torefer back khổng lồ any of the above settings to lớn manage your ứng dụng or if youneed lớn regenerate your API Secrets or tokens.

You also have the option to lớn Deactivate or Reactivate your app.If Deactivated, your tiện ích will not be authorized to make requests to lớn otworzumysl.comAPIs.


Need help?

If you're looking for help, try Developer tư vấn or our Developer Forum. Priority support is also available with Premier Developer support plans.