Dolby advanced audio v2 là gì

      118 Advanced Audio v2 improves PC audio with technologies that maintain volume levels, prsự kiện distortion, và even create a surround sound experience.

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Authentic Surround Sound® Advanced Audio™ v2 converts your music and other two-channel (stereo) entertainment inlớn 5.1-channel surround sound, & your 5.1-channel entertainment lượt thích movies inlớn 7.1-channel sound.

Distortion-không tính tiền performance Advanced Audio v2 optimizes audio performance for your specific PC Model & lets you turn up the volume without distorting the sound.

The Volume Leveler feature in Advanced Audio v2 locks in your preferred volume cấp độ for more consistent listening.

A ten-b& graphic equalizer in Advanced Audio v2 provides you with complete control over your PC"s audio profile.

Your current PC may be faster and sleeker than its predecessor, but it probably doesn"t sound any better. The small speakers and modest amplifier can vì only so much for your music or the movies and TV shows you watch in your downtime. Advanced Audio v2 addresses the shortcomings of PC audio with technologies that provide crisp, clear surround sound over a PC"s built-in speakers & improve the clarity of connected headphones, too. Advanced Audio v2 borrows from the pioneering work engineers have done in the cinema and the home page theater. The result is a suite of technologies that PC makers can build directly inlớn their products to lớn elevate audio performance and provide you with a more enjoyable listening experience overall.

Understanding how Advanced Audio v2 works requires understanding the problems inherent in PC audio. These originate in both the unique of the source material and the playbaông chồng process.

Typical problems with sources include:

Dull sound and unintelligible dialogue on user-generated contentWildly varying volume levels from one source to lớn the nextContent not produced in surround sound

The small speakers & underpowered amplifiers required khổng lồ fit into the physical thiết kế of PCs create other problems. These include:

Irregular frequency response with no highs or lowsUnnatural, colored soundVolume levels that are typically not loud enoughDistortion & annoying mechanical vibrations when sound is turned up

Designed into a PC, Advanced Audio v2 first applies processing that fixes any problems with the source material. It then fixes playback issues by compensating for mechanical constraints of the PC itself.

Because engineers custom-tune each PC Mã Sản Phẩm that includes Advanced Audio v2, the audio processing ensures that you enjoy optimal sound for the specific combination of speakers và amplifier in your PC.

Xem thêm: Ảnh Hưởng Của Dung Môi Hữu Cơ Là Gì, Ứng Dụng Của Dung Môi Hữu Cơ Trong Đời Sống Advanced Audio v2 technologies:

Use our lademo and most advanced algorithmsDraw on our extensive sầu research into lớn how people perceive soundMatch human audio perceptionAre built on a comtháng processing frameworkWork together intelligently
The technologies in Advanced Audio v2 work together to correct a number of problems that affect PC sound.

The surround decoderin Advanced Audio v2 creates a surround sound experience by converting two-channel stereo audio into lớn 5.1 channels & converting 5.1-channel audio into 7.1 channels. Advanced Audio v2’s ten-b& graphic equalizerlets consumers tailor audio lớn their exact specifications using high-unique general filtering.

Useful for any type of content, volume maximizerboosts the audio signal by as much as 12 dB so users can turn up the volume without causing noise or clipping.

No one enjoys unwelcome volume fluctuations. Volume levelermaintains a user’s preferred volume across all nội dung and applications.

Surround virtualizer for built-in speakerscreates a surround sound experience of stereo or multichannel nội dung over a PC’s built-in speakers.

Audio optimizerimproves the frequency response of a PC’s built-in speakers, & audio regulatoreliminates or reduces noise caused by the combination of overdriven speakers và amplifiers. business partners

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Go to lớn portal Advanced Audio v2 is one of two giải pháp công nghệ suites that are part of the PC Entertainment Experience v4. Home Theater® v4 is designed for multimedia PCs và adds features for connecting to lớn a home theater system.


Surround expansion (surround decoder)

Surround virtualizer for headphones

Surround virtualizer for built-in speakers Digital output

PC tuning & optimization

Built-in speaker tuning (audio optimizer)

Built-in speaker distortion prevention (audio regulator)


Graphic equalizer

Intelligent (real-time) equalizer

Dialogue enhancer


Volume leveler

Volume maximizer business partners

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