Eternity's 10 most op moments in marvel comics

Eternity’s 10 Most OP.. Moments In Marvel Comics As the manifestation of a universe"s reality, Eternity is ridiculously overpowered, and these Marvel Comics moments prove sầu as much.

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Leader of the Cosmic Powers of the Universe, Eternity is the physical embodiment of everlasting time itself. Not only that, but Eternity is also made up of the sum total of all consciousnesses in the entire universe. He was one of the first sentient beings lớn enter creation itself. To put it plainly, Eternity is one of the most powerful và long-lasting cosmic forces the Marvel Universe has ever known.

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Throughout his long comic book history, Eternity has time và again proven his dominance over existence. Throughout his long history, here are Eternity"s top ten most overpowered moments in Marvel comics.

When Reed Richards chose khổng lồ save sầu the life of Galactus, he was put on trial for that action. Galactus, after all, is the world eater, responsible for destroying a countless number of planets to lớn satiate his cosmic hunger.

Eternity arrived to lớn put everything in perspective sầu for the jurors. In an incredible show of power, Eternity temporarily granted everyone in the room a near-omniscient "cosmic awareness." With this perspective sầu, everyone realized Galactus is a natural part of the universe that needs to exist. Richards was then let off the hook.

Made up of pure magical energy, the villain Dormammu has frequently proven to lớn be one of the most powerful magic users in the Marvel universe.

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In a quest for total domination of the universe, Dormammu sought to lớn capture Eternity và steal his power. In pursuing this goal, Dormmamu managed to power himself up drastically. Not only was he one of the most powerful magic users in the universe, but he had also become one of the most powerful entities, period. In the end, Eternity was able lớn defeat Dormammu easily, proving his dominance.

Abraxas is one of the most powerful beings in all of the Multiverse. Abraxas is the embodiment of the universe"s destruction. His sole purpose is to lớn end the entire universe, and there is almost nothing anyone can vày lớn stop hyên ổn.

Anyone except Eternity of course. Eternity stores Abraxas away within himself, keeping the destructive entity from traveling the cosmos and destroying them. As long as Galactus remains alive sầu, he is the balancing force that helps keep Abraxas locked away within Eternity"s toàn thân.

Once Thanos gained all the Infinity Stones, he was near omnipotent. With a simple thought, he could destroy entire universes. More famously, with the snap of his fingers, he could eliminate all life on Earth.

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To try & save sầu the balance of the universe, Eternity went up against the mad Tichảy. Even though Thanos eventually won, Eternity held his own và proved khổng lồ be almost as powerful as the fully powered Infinity Gauntlet.

Throughout the history of creation, Eternity has died several times. This might make readers think that Eternity is weak, but that is not the case. No matter how he is destroyed or defeated, Eternity can always come baông xã, therefore living up to his namesake.

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Despite his many deaths, Eternity always comes baông chồng to life khổng lồ inhabit the universe. He has been resurrected seven times, & each of these times he plays a key role in shaping all of reality.

5 Destroyed Then Recreated Earth

On one occasion, the Doctor Strange villain Nightmare managed to put Eternity to sleep therefore bringing the cosmic entity under his control. Using the powers of Eternity, Nightmare was able khổng lồ control the powerful being"s dreams. The villain then made Eternity dream of Earth"s obliteration, which then manifested itself. Eternity destroyed the planet with a mere thought.

Once Doctor Strange defeated Nightmare and brought Eternity baông chồng to lớn consciousness, he convinced the entity to unvì all the damage that Nightmare had done. Eternity recreated the entire world, putting everyone and everything back at the exact moment they were at before Nightmare"s destruction.

There was a time when Eternity was in conflict with Death herself. Eternity easily captured and imprisoned Death within himself. Without death, all life in the universe became instantly immortal. This caused untold chaos in the universe that couldn"t be corrected until Death was released.

Eternity could vì this at any time. Having the power khổng lồ control the impermanence of life itself whenever he so wishes.

3 Took Infinity"s Place

While Eternity is the physical embodiment of the collective consciousnesses of the universe; his sister, Infinity, is the physical embodiment of the totality of space. Together, the two of them represent the entire space-time continuum.

At times, when Infinity becomes vulnerable or is even destroyed, Eternity can take her place. This leaves hyên ổn holding together the entire structure of the space-time continuum by himself. Overpowered is putting it mildly.

Eternity was one of the first beings ever created in the Multiverse, with an embodiment of the cosmic entity existing in each universe. He is capable of altering matter và can shape the universe accordingly. Eternity is omnipresent and is supported by the total of all living beings within this reality.

Not only did he play an important role in the initial creation of reality, but Eternity has also repeated this process several times. Any time the universe dies, Eternity dies along with it. Through his many resurrections, Eternity has been able khổng lồ not only bring himself back khổng lồ life but all of existence with him.

1 Merged With Infinity

During the Infinity War storyline, the evil villain Magus managed lớn get a hold of the Infinity Gems. Now possessing limitless power and a hunger for destruction, Magus was prepared lớn destroy most of the known universe. When Infinity had previously tried to defeat Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, she failed, albeit barely.

This time, however, was much different. In a show of ultimate power, Eternity bonded with his sister Infinity inlớn one composite being. This combination of Infinity & Eternity was easily able khổng lồ dispatch of the Magus and take away all of his powers.

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