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Delhi Zoo is all set to xuất hiện from March 1

Reports have it that all section supervisors have been advised lớn ensure that strict compliance of COVID-19 protocols are maintained, and make sure visitors are following all social distancing no... More

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Kerala Tourism launches monsoon packages to lớn attract travellers

As monsoon makes its presence felt in Kerala, Kerala Tourism is looking lớn lure you lớn its monsoon magic. The state tourism department of Kerala is now planning to lớn launch an online monsoon campai... More


Now, get tatkal passport in just 1 day and general passport in 11 days

Applying for a passport in India has just become easier now. According khổng lồ the news reports, Indian nationals can now get a regular passport in just 11 days, and a tatkal passport in just one day.


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Kerala to lớn host pink water lilies e-festival

The pink lilies blooming over the backwater villages in Kottayam, Kerala, are now going online. These lilies bloom every monsoon, & now the Kerala Tourism authorities are promoting them for onl... More


Kedarnath temple gets meditation cave, new entrance plaza

​Now, pilgrims can book the cave known as Rudra Meditation Cave for stay at INR 3,000 per head for three days. The bookings are applicable online through the online portal.


Will the real travel ‘influencers’ stand out now? Instagram is looking to kết thúc online vanity by hiding your likes

Bad news for Instagram influencers, especially travellers, from around the world. Soon, your Instagram posts will not be only about the number of likes you can amass.

Renewing passport in India, the detailed process & all that you should know

Passport is one of the most important identification documents for a person travelling abroad. There are several countries, which offer visa-on-arrival facility while many require a visa before; ... More