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Jonathan Galinvày, also known as Cursed Goofy, is a character depicted as a man wearing a Goofy dog mask & is associated with the Blue Whale Challenge, particularly the resurgence in 20đôi mươi. Typically, anonymous users will create profiles using the name “Jonathan Galindo” in conjunction with various images of Cursed Goofy and then message people on social media platforms asking them if they want to lớn play a game, referring lớn the Blue Whale Challenge, which shares similarities lớn the Momo Challenge. If they refuse, the user will threaten to lớn doxx them unless they agree lớn participate.

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The images used in the protệp tin pictures of these accounts originated from cosplayer & mask designer Samuel Canini,<1> who uses the moniker Dusky Sam, & date bachồng khổng lồ at least 2012-2013 (seen below).

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The original Jonathan Galinvị is unknown, but the tài khoản responsible for the lakiểm tra resurgence comes from TikTok<2> user jonathangalindo54, who registered the profile in the fall of 2019 (shown below). Since this protệp tin was created, numerous clone accounts have appeared across TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Discord và more, messaging users on these platforms và encouraging or threatening them to lớn participate in the Blue Whale Challenge.



On July 2nd, 20đôi mươi, Twitter<3> user itsVoxsis was one of the first to post about Jonathan Galinvì chưng in her tweet (seen below) that received over 72,500 retweets, 54,300 likes và 2,000 comments. On July 3rd, Twitter<4> user lavenderxio tweeted a video clip showing a conversation with one of these anonymous users, receiving over 1,800 likes, 356 comments and 334 retweets.