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AdmissionsCourses & ProgramsStudent ServicesCommunityAbout NCCCDirectories và HoursHealth and SafetyTobacco-Free Initiative

www.ct.edu/pact Financial aid package is available on a first come first serve basis as long as funds remain available.
CT STATE REORGANIZATION INFORMATIONAL WEBINARS These information webinars are open to all faculty, staff và students. The public may also attend. Register Here

New lớn NCCC?

We’ve put together resources for helping you apply to lớn the college, apply for financial aid, and learn about what NCCC has to lớn offer.

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Find Courses

Find courses and programs of interest in the upcoming semester, or look up your current courses to find locations and meeting times.

Joyner Health Science Center

Visit our new facility specifically designed for our well-known veterinary technology và health care professions programs.

Continuing Education

Take credit-free courses in topics from Nurse Aide (CNA) to Real Estate. Learn more about our credit-free offerings here.

You can register any time of day for courses in the upcoming semester. Our online registration & student information system gives you access to lớn register, view current courses, & obtain transcripts.

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Our credit-free programs offer a range of topics and certifications including health/medical industry, professional development, real estate, technology, personal trainer/fitness, & more.

NCCC participates in federal, state and college-sponsored financial aid programs và we work with you to lớn help you get the resources you need.

The program helps young adults between the ages of 18 & 24 to lớn achieve their educational và career goals. Team Success students benefit from mentoring, academic tutoring, career and educational guidance, and more.