Profile name is not available nghĩa là gì

I have a windows account with users group và trying khổng lồ exec sp_send_dbmail but getting an error:

profile name is not valid.

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However, when I logged in as administrator and exeđáng yêu the sp_send_dbmail, it managed to sover the tin nhắn so obviously the protệp tin name does exist on the server.



You need khổng lồ grant the user or group rights lớn use the protệp tin. They need to lớn be added lớn the msdb database & then you will see them available in the mail wizard when you are maintaining security for mail.

Read up the security here:

See a listing of mail procedures here:

Example script for "TestUser" lớn use the profile named "General Admin Mail".

USE GOCREATE USER FOR LOGIN GOUSE GOEXEC sp_addrolethành viên N"DatabaseMailUserRole", N"TestUser"GOEXECUTE msdb.dbo.sysmail_add_principalprofile_sp


I got the same problem also. Here"s what I did:

If you"re already done granting the user/group the rights khổng lồ use the profile name.

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Tichồng Manage profile securityOn public profiles tab, check your profile nameOn private profiles tab, select NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE for user name and kiểm tra your protệp tin nameDo #4 this time for NT AUTHORITYSYSTEM user nameCliông chồng Next until Finish.


Did you enable the profile for Squốc lộ Server Agent? This a common step that is missed when creating E-Mail profiles in DatabaseMail.


Right-cliông xã on SQL Server Agent in Object Explorer (SSMS)Clichồng on PropertiesCliông xã on the Alert System tab in the left-hand navigationEnable the mail profileSet Mail System & Mail ProfileCliông chồng OKRestart Squốc lộ Server Agent
protệp tin name is not valid (Error 14607)

This happened to me after I copied job script from old Squốc lộ server to lớn new Squốc lộ VPS. In SSMS, under Management, the Database Mail protệp tin name was different in the new Squốc lộ Server. All I had to vì chưng was update the name in job script.

In my case, I was moving a SProc between servers and the profile name in my TSquốc lộ code did not match the protệp tin name on the new hệ thống.

Updating TSquốc lộ protệp tin name == New VPS profile name fixed the error for me.

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Why am I getting the following error when using database mail -> Procedure sysmail_verify_profile_sp, protệp tin name is not valid?
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