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roll out

1.make flat và smooth by pressing with a roller,or rollingpin碾平;擀平She rolled out the dough in order to make a few pies.她把面团压平做了几个馅饼。2.come forth copiously;make a deep and sonorous sound 滔滔不绝地说出;洪亮地讲出或唱出The actor rolled out his words so that everyone in the theatre could hear.那位演员声音洪亮地朗诵台词,以使剧场里的每一个人都能听到。She rolled out these verses emotionally.她充满激情地朗诵这些诗句。

roll out the barrel

prepare to have a good time: "Roll out the barrel - we"re celebrating our exam results."

roll out the red carpet

greet a person with great respect, give a big welcome When the King of Jordon visited Washington, they rolled out the red carpet and gave him a great welcome.

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roll out the red carpet for

Idiom(s): roll out the red carpet for sb
Theme: WELCOMEto provide special treatment for someone.• There"s no need to lớn roll out the red carpet for me.• We rolled out the red carpet for the king and queen.

roll out the red carpet|carpet|red carpet|roll|rol

v. Phr. 1. Lớn welcome an important guest by putting a red carpet down for him to walk on. They rolled out the red carpet for the Queen when she arrived in Australia. 2. Khổng lồ greet a person with great respect & honor; give a hearty welcome. Margaret"s family rolled out the red carpet for her teacher when she came lớn dinner. Compare: WELCOME MAT. -

roll out

1. Verb to flatten something by rolling something over it. A noun or pronoun can be used between "roll" và "out." Would you mind rolling out the dough while I look for the cookie cutter? It took forever lớn roll this puff pastry out, but it was worth it.2. Verb to lớn introduce or implement something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "roll" & "out." Every year they roll a new phone out that is meant khổng lồ make your current one seem obsolete. The government is rolling out a new affordable childcare scheme for low-income families.3. Verb, slang to lớn leave or depart. What time bởi vì you think we should roll out tomorrow morning? Sarah has to be up early for work, so I think we"re going khổng lồ roll out.4. Verb to lớn get out of bed, especially lazily or late in the morning or day. My teenage son doesn"t roll out of bed until nearly 1 in the afternoon on the weekends. You"re rolling out a bit late this morning, eh?5. Noun The introduction or implementation of something. In this usage, the phrase is usually hyphenated or spelled as one word. The roll-out of the new admin portal has been a disaster so far.Learn more: out, roll

roll something out

to lớn bring or take something out by rolling it; lớn push something out on wheels. Jane rolled her xe đạp out to show it off. Alice rolled out her bicycle for us khổng lồ see. 2. khổng lồ flatten something by rolling it. You should roll the pastry out first. They rolled out the steel in a huge mill.Learn more: out, roll

roll out

1. Get out of bed, as in I rolled out around six o"clock this morning. <Colloquial; late 1800s> 2. Introduce, disclose, as in They rolled out the new washing machine with great fanfare. Learn more: out, roll

roll out


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1. lớn move out of something or some place by rolling: The ball rolled out the door and down the steps.2. khổng lồ unfold và spread out something that has been rolled up: We rolled out our sleeping bags on the ground. The coach rolled the mats out for the gymnastics competition.3. to lớn make something flat by rolling a cylindrical object over it: The pastry chef rolled the dough out. The sculptor rolled out the clay.4. to present something; to make something available: A lot of stores roll out their best bargains at the kết thúc of the year. 5. to lớn get out of bed: We didn"t get lớn bed until almost sunrise, và we finally rolled out at noon.Learn more: out, rollLearn more:
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