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I am also told that it has lost khổng lồ property developers the historic ice rink that was once so much loved by local people.
An agreement will soon be signed by a private sector company for a new development with an ice rink & a swimming pool.
They all put on their new hats, the men had their suits cleaned, và they went khổng lồ the ice rink —và they did not die.
If that is a correct analysis of what happens, the ice rink is certainly caught by the 1987 legislation and, consequently, it requires a licence.
It provides us with the pleasure of an ice rink, an indoor bowling green, pool, snooker, squash và table tennis.
It is no use putting up the capital spending lớn build the ice rink & then not having the revenue cash lớn deal with it.
They have to practise at three o"cloông chồng in the morning at their ice rink và frequently have sầu khổng lồ practise when large crowds of the public attkết thúc.
The property was to contain an international-sized ice rink, ten pin bowling, children"s play centres, a laser area, restaurants, and function suites for all sorts of recreational activities.
In 1967, ten years after the construction of the ice rink, the stadium was roofed & converted into lớn an aremãng cầu.
It is an international-standard ice rink (30 meters x 60 meters) with a capacity of 8001000 spectator seats.

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The result was that a fresh proposal was raised to remove the ice rink from the brief in an attempt to lớn stimulate the market.
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a cylinder-shaped device for making objects that are far away look closer & larger, using a combination of lenses, or lenses and curved mirrors

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