Vướng mắc tiếng anh là gì

Both strains tended to lớn khung dynamic network structures that were induced by entanglements of the alginate molecules.

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There is therefore no evidence for enhanced longdistance dispersal resulting from fatal entanglements.
In spite of these entanglements, it appears that nature uses the same sorts of mechanisms lớn get cells to specialise that she uses to keep them talking.
He would be better served to lớn separate out the forms of religious nationalism he wishes lớn defkết thúc from their entanglements with forms of ascriptive hierarchy he opposes.
The decision may not be không lấy phí of ideological entanglements, but the ideology involved pertains to the efficacy of probabilistic reasoning rather than to lớn the origins of this particular poem.
However, other jurists practiced jurisprudence without official sanction, và many avoided political entanglements and struggled to keep the practice of jurisprudence well outside the sphere of political control.
Once the sale starts, without compensation và all sorts of legal entanglements, it will be a juggernaut that cannot be stopped.
We admit that it requires skill, courage & integrity, but we expect—& we have sầu a right to expect—statesmanship to lớn extricate us from difficult entanglements.
While we desire lớn live on terms of peace & friendliness with all nations, we want no entanglements.
There had then been slight war damage relating mainly to lớn windows & plaster & barbed wire entanglements had been placed on the property.

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